Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creative Circus Graduates Lori Wittig & her Roommate Karen

Oh, we are so proud of our daughter, Lori who just graduated from the Creative Circus in Atlanta. (Lori is the blonde to the right, her wonderful friend, Karen also graduated with her! ) We just got back a couple of weeks ago from the graduation , meeting Lori's very creative and great friends and families from around the country. Creative Circus is a school taught by advertising pros that helps creatives develop a portfolio of work so that they can build a career in advertising. It seems like an amazing place from what we saw and heard during our short visit. We had just a great time while we were visiting, from fantastic pancakes and grits for breakfast , a fabulous dinner out at One Midtown Kitchen, and a great brunch hosted by the grads and their friends at Lori's and Karen's apt. It's exciting to see your kids grow up!! What a great group of young adults, makes me feel so optimistic about the future of our country and world when I meet people like I did on this trip!
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