Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conversation Cookie Hearts with a slightly different message!

All in good humor, I know that there are those who really don't like Valentine's Day. Well, I wouldn't either if I was heartbroken. This is a tasty way to laugh it off, we asked everyone to come up with "break up " verses, the list is actually longer that the "romantic" list, and seems to be more fun. I guess we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Hmmm, well, the cookies are all good and they all taste the same!

Cookies for Valentine's Day With Romantic messages

Something about the pastel colors that make these cookies more sweet, I guess, but Valentines Day is mostly just a fun day to indulge! These were fun to make, we have a whole list of verses at the bakery, can't wait to start baking them for Valentine's Day!