Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wind Turbines near Indian Lake

Posted by PicasaWind turbines...are they an eyesore or do they enhance the landscape like the old farm windmills? I kind of like them especially against a beautiful fall background. But still, not sure.


  1. I think when placed individually in rural areas, they have little negative impact. When placed together at high densities, they can become quite an eyesore!

  2. i much prefer seeing the turbines to clouds of sooty smoke, nuclear reactors and the like...i think using wind and water for power is nature at it's best, creating a better life for all of us...and i feel the same way about solar power.
    i look forward to seeing the huge white arms flailing in the wind everytime i head east over rt. 30...or go down around myersdale...and wonder why there aren't more of them?